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Classic Eyelash Extension Training – In Class
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“Discover the subtle art of eyelash extensions, an immersive training where beauty blends with technique, offering a captivating gaze that endures over time!”

Ready to Become a Professional in Eyelash Extensions?

Welcome to the captivating world of aesthetics, where eyelash extensions pave the way for an exceptional career. Our eyelash extensions training is much more than just an investment: it’s the perfect springboard for a promising start in the beauty industry.

Why Choose Our Eyelash Extensions Training?

Our training program ensures a quick return on investment while establishing solid foundations for your career. Eyelash extensions, a booming service, offer an irresistible opportunity to start your professional journey.

The Benefits of this Training:

  • Quick Profitability: Thanks to the growing demand for eyelash extensions, our training will allow you to quickly recoup your initial investment.
  • Promising Start: Begin your career with confidence, armed with solid skills acquired during our quality training program.
  • Popular and Expanding Service: Eyelash extensions are among the most sought-after services in the field of aesthetics. Take advantage of this growing popularity to build your clientele.

Why Wait? Start Now!

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to become a successful professional in eyelash extensions. Our training offers much more than just certification; it opens doors to a flourishing career in the beauty industry. What are you waiting for to embark on this exciting adventure?

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The Training:

Day 1: Comprehensive Theoretical and Practical Foundations (8 hours)

  • Theoretical Session (5 hours)
    •  Introduction and history of eyelash extensions
    • Eye anatomy and contraindications
    • Equipment and products
    • Hygiene and sterilization
    • Workstation and ergonomics
    • Styles and effects
    • Consultation and photo-taking
    • The technique
    • Post-treatment recommendations
    • Fill and removal
  • Practical Session (3 hours)
    • Detailed demonstration on sponges and mannequin
    • Practical exercises to master movements and precision
    • Tips to ensure optimal comfort (for both client and technician)

Day 2: Application on Real Models and Evaluation (8 hours)

  • Practical Session
    • Practical application on two models under the supervision of the trainer
    • Real-time correction and personalized advice
    • Deepening of skills acquired on the first day
  • Examination Session
    • Full set application on a model
    • Evaluation of technical skills and compliance with hygiene standards

Post-Training Follow-up:

Submission of before/after images of full set application:

  • Technicians are encouraged to submit before/after images of applications performed after the training to receive personalized follow-up and additional advice to strengthen their skills.

Note: Both days of training include regular breaks to ensure an optimal learning experience.

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