skin needling or collagen induction therapy leads the way in skin rejuvenation
If you’re looking to expand your advanced aesthetic skills, mesotherapy training courses with the Centre for Medical Sciences & Research could be the ideal addition to your training calendar.
Mesotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and is ideal for dry, dehydrated and dull skin or simply as a skin boost. Treatment can be applied to the whole face, neck, chest and hands.

This treatment is a great addition to any clinic and will have your clients coming back time after time.

Mesotherapy has now been used successfully by some practitioners for the treatment of cosmetic conditions, including skin rejuvenation and improvement, hair regrowth, localized fat reduction and as a treatment for.

 Mesotherapy in the treatment of aging skin aims to replace minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are found in lower levels in the skin as we age.

Another newer procedure is to boost levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This is another important component of the skin that helps to maintain firmness and texture.

As the skin ages, levels of hyaluronic acid decrease, and it is claimed that injecting more hyaluronic acid into the dermal layers (just below the surface of the skin) helps to stimulate more collagen production, which, in turn, improves skin tone and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

During the course we cover:

Course Introduction. Theoretical part:

            •                                  History of Microneedling

            •                                  Skin Physiology

            •                                  Fitzpatrick skin typing

            •                                  Benefits of Microneedling

            •                                  Microneedling vs Laser vs Derma roller

            •            Contraindications of Microneedling

            •            Patient Selection and Consent

            •            Skin Preparations for Microneedling

            •            Treatment Protocols for all Conditions

            •            Pre/Post Care

            •            Skin Care Ingredient Recommendations

            •            Disease and Infection Control

            •            Safety Procedures (needles, blood, etc)

            •            Adverse Effects Protocol

            •           Combination Treatment Protocol

            •           How to Operate a Microneedling Pen

            •           Video Tutorials

            •           Needle Depth Chart

            •           Indication

            •           Wrinkles and fine skin density

            •           Hyperpigmentation

            •           Rosacea

            •           Skin flaccidity

            •           Solar/sun damage

            •           Stretch marks

            •           Skin Rejuvenation

            •           Alopecia (baldness) or hair loss

            •           Hypertrophic, post-acne, and postsurgical scars


            •           Interactive practical workshop. Demonstration of micro-needling skin treatment;

            •           Hygiene;

            •           Treatment preparation;

            •           Client consultation;

            •           Protocol of treatment – step by step;

            •           Client recommendations and aftercare


Training kit

            •           10x 12 pine needles

            •           10x 36 pine needles

            •           Microneedling Serums

            •           10 Gold mask

Once you have successfully completed your training course, you will be:

            •           Qualified to offer Microneedling treatment safely and effectively and be able to help your clients to deal with a range of skin conditions including acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation, hair loss, and more;

            •           Be able to create individual treatment

            •           How to sell and gain your business more efficiently.


You will receive an end of course certificate which is accredited by the APESEQ and allows you to work on public

  • Duration 16 hours
  • Theory 6 hours
  • practice 10 hours
  • Prerequisites Diploma in aesthetics
  • Price 1600$

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